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A place where everyone belongs

We want to create a place where people love to work. A place where everyone belongs. That means taking real steps to build a culture that’s inclusive.

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The OVO way of flexible working

Here is hybrid working at its finest with our OVO Way of Flexible Working. Our people have as much choice as possible over the hours they work and where they work.

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How we’re changing the world

We’re creating a movement where we all belong – brilliant people united in 1 mission: POWERING HUMAN PROGRESS WITH CLEAN AFFORDABLE ENERGY FOR EVERYONE. We call this Plan Zero and the time to act is now.

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We want to be the leading place to work for people who want to change the world. Let’s say that again – We want to be the leading place to work for people who want to change the world! And we need the very best talent to help us succeed.

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