Make sourcing top talent easier with Worksome.

With Worksome, directly source and manage your external workers in one easy-to-use platform, including talent from your private network, specialized marketplaces and staffing agencies.

Book a personalized demo
Take control

Take full ownership
of your sourcing.

Maintain visibility

See all your talent in one place, regardless of source.

Hire fast

Use your privately curated talent pool to hire faster.

Cut costs

Save money with less complexity and fewer fees.

Your private talent pool

Build and curate a talent pool for your team or across your organization & make it easier to manage your entire talent network with a single platform. We provide the functionality and data you need to find talent fast, collaborate efficiently, and consistently make the best hiring decisions possible.

Extensive profile data on all talent

Advanced search functionality and filtering 

Direct messaging, in-platform

Internal notes & job history

Access more talent through our partner Marketplaces

Worksome partners with Marketplaces to give you access to a bigger pool of talent - and we’re continuously expanding our network of Marketplace partners making it easier for you to find the right talent fast.

Access a vast amount of specialized talent

Easily hire talent from other channels

Save the best talent in your private talent pool*

*All marketplace-sourced talent can be added to your talent pool under the conditions of a pre-existing ownership period between you and the marketplace.

A better way to work with staffing agencies

Working with staffing agencies on our platform gives you the best of both worlds. Expert partners to help source the right talent for your projects. Plus, full visibility and better control of your entire talent pool. Not to mention, a better experience for you and your team, the talent you work with, and your staffing partners.

Better collaboration with staffing agencies

Full visibility of your talent network and the hiring process

A gateway to your most comprehensive talent pool yet**

**All vendor-sourced talent can be added to your talent pool under the conditions of a pre-existing ownership period between you and the staffing agency.

Next generation of external workforce management tools

Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses
to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.

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