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2023 Agency Workforce Trends

Agencies across the board have already been rapidly–and quite publicly–adapting their workforces, as the world is prepping against the threat of an economic downturn. 

We asked the experts what it means for them, and what to focus on to ensure continued success in this new business climate.

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"Recruitment has become a priority for senior management in recent years, not just HR departments"
Georgina Batty, McCann

Report Takeaways

  • Top 3 Trends in workforce agility across agency types
  • How to be more efficient and save money in your operating model
  • Talent retention is the responsibility of everyone
  • Predictions: The biggest opportunities for the future
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From Founders to Global Operations: Learn from Global Agency leaders

Whether you need to build a more agile workforce, or are seeking more drastic changes to prepare for an economic downturn, learn from other experts how they’re preparing for success in 2023.  

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The biggest opportunities agencies should be leveraging this year

Hear what agency experts are preparing for, and the opportunities they expect to be prevalent now and moving forward

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