Omni-channel sourcing

Talent Channel Management

Source top-tier candidates across your talent ecosystem from one central hub: create jobs, build your private talent pool, and expand sourcing by broadcasting to external suppliers – with 24/7 cost and compliance data visibility for all talent channels.

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Always on talent channels

Smarter Talent Sourcing for Your
Freelance Workforce

Boost your talent reach and stay in control with Worksome. Engage an omni-channel sourcing strategy for a diverse range of skills and fresh talent. Tap into private pools, staffing agencies, and marketplaces from one central place to meet evolving business needs and prevent candidate shortages.

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Talent Pooling

Streamline Your Company's Talent network

Our integrated platform empowers you to build and efficiently manage your database of preferred candidates.

Whether you are sourcing for a single position or building a robust talent network, Worksome makes talent pooling easier than ever for the best hiring decisions possible.

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Graphic of a job broadcasting interface showing multiple user profiles indicating team member involvement in finance, resourcing, and legal departments with options to create custom rules for budget approvals.
Job broadcasting

Expand Your Reach to New Candidates through Worksome’s Partnerships

Gain access to endless talent sources through Worksome’s partnerships with marketplace and talent platforms for additional candidate pools. Open new channels via Worksome’s supplier network and broadcast your positions to new sources of qualified candidates.

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Approval Flows

Optimize Your Workflows with Custom Approvals

Approvals enables custom-built workflows that engage the right people at the right time. Approval flows increate visibilityand control while removing bottlenecks with automations that match your internal processes.

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Screenshot of a digital approval flow interface for budget approvals with options to add custom rules, showing dropdown for approval by finance, resourcing, and legal teams.

Put Hiring Managers in the Driver’s Seat

Users can efficiently customize taxonomy,  enable employee hiring, and maintain control with a clear overview. And the benefits of Omni-Channel Sourcing don’t end there.

Candidate Tracking instantly identifies qualified candidates through a streamlined shortlisting process with Candidate Tracker.

Advanced Skill Filtering shows which candidates might be a match for your current or future hiring needs. Gain full visibility across your talent pool and quickly pick out the candidates that best match your needs.

In-App Messaging means no more unanswered messages. Communicate with candidates directly, all in one place.

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