Approval flows

Effortless, Automated, Approvals

Streamline workflows, remove bottlenecks, and empower teams with Approvals in Worksome. Create custom rules for seamless approval chains, notifications, and budget monitoring to stay in control effortlessly.

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custom APPROVAL chains

Workflow visibility on a
whole new level

Designed to streamline and enhance your hiring processes.

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Customized approvals for all your needs

Tailor workflows and detailed approver instructions to align seamlessly with your internal processes. Ensure all necessary sign-offs are in place before extending offers, optimizing your recruitment process for efficiency and compliance.

No more surprises

Boost teamwork and streamline decisions with savvy approval workflows. Set up approvals by roles, functions, and specific criteria, ensuring the right folks jump in at the perfect time. It's teamwork made easy.

Blindspots brought to light

Take charge of the hiring journey and eliminate slowdowns with enhanced control. Implement strategic approval steps to identify and remove bottlenecks, ensuring a smoother and more efficient hiring process from start to finish.

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Approvals In Action

Approvals allows more control, less bottlenecks, and seamless  hiring workflows. Customized Approvals means setting triggers in your workflow — whether it’s to secure sign-offs from finance for high-value contracts or prompt HR Ops for onboarding. This way, your internal processes are built into your Worksome environment, empowering teams at all levels to play their role in the approval chain. Gain clarity, increase visibility, and achieve better cost control with Approvals in Worksome.

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