CONTINGENT Workforce Management

Where innovative program leaders get fast results

Say goodbye to slow, disjointed systems and processes — and global risk exposure. Worksome was designed to streamline workflows with built-in features for direct hiring, worker classification, contracts, payments, and more.

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EXTERNAL Workforce Management

Hire, classify, and contract faster than you can call an Uber

Speed x Compliance

Powerful end-to-end external workforce management

Worksome is for the innovators, who need a better way to quickly manage talent directly, with processes and workflows in one central solution.

Built-In Worker Classification

With built-in instant worker classification, documentation and indemnification, Worksome takes the risk so your company can access virtually any talent type or source - with just one single vendor.

Compliant onboarding & payments controls

Experience the difference with Worksome's exceptional onboarding process. We prioritize your freelancers' experience as if they're our own, ensuring a seamless transition from start to finish.

The End of Rogue Spend

Ensure compliance & efficiency outside of your program

For many companies, there is a high cost and risk that is associated with spend outside of their Contingent Work program. With Worksome, companies can stay in control of compliance risk globally, while accessing centralized cost overviews, legal documentation, and hiring data.

The only tech that takes on the risk

Worksome offers built-in worker classification and offers misclassification indemnification globally, meaning you can access virtually any talent vendor or source, in any market.

Get new visibility on unmanaged spend

With globally-centralized cost and hiring overviews, data and documentation, not only can companies reduce risk, but find new options for cost savings on talent channels and sourcing.

Next generation of external workforce management tools

Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses
to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.

Create a great experience

Impress your team & talent

Empower direct hiring, faster: Worksome removes compliance hindrances so companies can seamlessly hire from any talent source or market, while keeping talent happy and productive.

Empower teams with skills-based hiring

Customize your skills taxonomies and filters to empower direct hiring across your organization. With centralized and multi-team talent pools, individual relationships are centralized and turned into future-proof contacts.

Remove bottlenecks and stay in control

With organization-wide user permissions, approvals, centralized program data, and compliant onboarding and payment workflows, you can rest assured your hiring managers are hiring within standards.

Work with agencies

Source & track fees

With Worksome, seamlessly work with staffing agencies directly from the platform. Add your staffing partners, to get an overview of fees and automatically track talent ownership/commission deadlines.

Broadcast jobs to agencies

Not only can you invite your favorite staffing agencies to collaborate in Worksome to submit and track talent, you can also access new talent vendors that was considered non-compliant previously.

Avoid overpaying staffing vendors with ownership deadline tracking

Worksome believes that when talent contract ownership deadlines with staffing vendors ends, the talent should go to your direct talent pool. You will be notified when your obligation to pay an agency ends, which surprisingly companies waste tens of thousands of dollars on each year.