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Hear from some of our customers who are crushing their Creative Resourcing with Worksome

"Worksome helps run the freelance side of our business operations, contracts, talent pool and analytics"

Neils Kaas
Creative Services Director

"Worksome helps run the freelance side of our business operations, contracts, talent pool and analytics"

Neils Kaas
Creative Services Director, McCann

“Now that everything is centralized, we can look at what we're spending, where we're spending, and who we need to hire. We can look at what the future of resourcing can be.”

Matt McLaughlin
Head of Resourcing, North America, OLIVER Agency
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"The worst part about freelance management was not having everything in one central location. Receiving random invoices individually was messy for AP and finding a new freelancer for each project was inefficient. Now, the team can easily see what freelancers we've already worked with that might be perfect for what they're looking for."

Marie Morgan
Director of HR, Petrol Advertising
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The Next Generation of
Talent Agility

Worksome was designed to solve the modern challenges of creative resourcing teams. With skills-based talent pools, fast onboarding, and payments — talent can get started in minutes.

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HirE efficiently

Centralize talent and hire skills faster

Create a custom skills taxonomy for your specific use cases to find talent faster, and implement internal-facing reviews for your talent and completed projects.

Need new talent? You can also broadcast jobs to your favorite staffing partners and talent marketplaces from directly within the platform.

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Stay organized

Keep messages and documents organized and accessible

When you can communicate with talent, check availability, contract, and pay all in one platform, both sides have transparency and confidence in the collaboration.

Plus, you can ensure you’ll always have the most up to date important documentation you need for project scope, HR, legal and finance.

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Talent Dashboard WITH FAST operations

The fastest automated onboarding admin flows and payments

Worksome boasts the fastest onboarding in the industry — with automated hiring admin flows, and custom automated contracts, and onboarding materials.

Once you identify the talent you would like to engage, you can get started working within just minutes, with little to no manual work needed.

24/7 hiring insights

The data you need to work smarter, and get ahead

With Worksome, your can see who you are hiring, where you’re spending your money, and how you can work smarter when resourcing future projects.

You’ll get the data you need to provide brand-new insight for the entire company, including HR, Finance and Procurement.

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Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.

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