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Worksome helps your company grow by automating freelancer sourcing, hiring, and management

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Save your company time and money on freelancers and recruiters

Automate payments and admin tasks, and hire talent in less time with less fees. Worksome makes life easier for your HR, Procurement, Finance, and Operations departments by giving them an overview of freelance costs and management in one central location.

Save time on sourcing by enabling controlled one-click hiring

Quickly source new talent yourself, or give your hiring managers full internal permissions to one-click hiring. This removes all the back and forth communication on sourcing that makes hiring freelancers such a lengthy and cumbersome process.

With skill tagging of your freelance workforce, you and your hiring managers can find the right freelancers more quickly and share top talent across offices and teams.  

Mathilde Bonitz
Digital Designer
Mathilde Bonitz
Digital Designer
Bob Vance
Front-end Developer
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Upload your existing freelance talent to Worksome

Keep your top talent and ensure your own processes and checks are automated into all hiring and onboarding.

Avoid unregulated contracts with freelancers

There are many online talent marketplaces commonly used by hiring managers to source freelance talent, but there is usually very little known or documented about the workers or the associated costs involved when working with them.

Using Worksome to find and manage your freelancers ensures that every freelancer your company hires is compliant and has gone through the proper internal processes.
Next generation of external workforce management tools

Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses
to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.

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