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International legal compliance alone isn’t enough

Internationally compliant contracts and payments is a good start for smaller companies, but for enterprise businesses it’s not enough. They need to understand and comply with both international and local laws at the same time, allowing them to tap into global talent while taking local regulations into consideration for each freelancer.

Ensure Compliance

Enterprise-grade tax and legal compliance for your global contractor workforce

Worksome has in-depth features created for domestic and international hiring of freelancers, including fully insured worker classification. We partner with global enterprises to take on risk and enable simpler freelance operations.

Centralize your talent

Upload your existing freelance and contract talent to Worksome

Finding talent to fit your needs with customizable tags ensures easy communication, better matching based on your project, and better visibility into each freelancer’s background and potential.

Reduce risk

Minimize risk from sourcing and hiring

Worksome gives your teams more background on each freelancer, so you can ensure they’re getting the right person for each project.

Next generation of external workforce management tools

Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses
to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.