One Simplified Process.

Worksome modernizes the way businesses manage contingent workforces globally by ensuring streamlined and connected workflows across the business.

We make a complex process simple by providing a single solution, where all stakeholders can easily manage freelancers.


Source all your projects from a single location with automated screening. Get full visibility and ensure all freelance spend and staffing agency fees are kept in check. Add every hire to your own talent pool.


All projects are subject to internal approval before contracts or bills are generated. A centralized approval approach ensures spend is always kept under control.

Full project visibility
No excess spend
No need for an ATS

Manage your talent sourcing from a single source of truth and share it across all hiring channels. Add known workers to your freelance talent pool for easier collaboration in the future.

Complete transparency on spend
All staffing agency fees managed
Streamlined end-to-end process

Global background screening completed in minutes, with 3rd party partners Onfido and First Advantage. Provide a great onboarding experience for all your freelancers.

Fast process
Simple user experience
Robust legal and compliance procedures


Classify workers in minutes on the platform. Send compliant contracts in just a few clicks with legal documentation automatically attached. Manage the ownership periods of the staffing agencies you work with.


Classify your workers directly in the platform in just a few minutes. Establish a full audit trail to stay compliant and provide a great experience for your freelancers and employees.

Classification in minutes
Time-to-hire drastically reduced
Indemnification for misclassification*

Automate contracts for each hire — whether using standardized Worksome contracts or your own legal-approved agreements. Save time on contract admin and internal back and forth on approvals.

Hire more quickly
Remove needless friction
Ensure compliant contracts
Supplier management

Manage all your suppliers in one central location. Keep tabs on staffing agency fees, pay automatically, and manage ownership periods to avoid unnecessary fees in the future.

Easily track ownership period
Remove ownership period when it ends
Full visibility of all worker’s payments
Legal documentation

Ensure all necessary legal documentation is sent directly to workers for every hire. All your legal documentation in one tool that everyone has access to eliminates back and forth between your teams.

Single location for all legal documentation
Reduced e-mail correspondence
Fast worker acceptance


Payments made simple with all contracts and bills processed in the same system. Reconcile invoices easily and get full visibility of T&Cs for all contracts. Pay freelancers faster and improve your cash flow.


Manage all your invoices and payments in one location, for both workers and 3rd party suppliers. Easily identify invoices with various filters and allocate correct PO’s for payments.

One location for invoices
Simplified overview
Faster billing

Worksome pays freelancers in +150 countries and is the EoR in several regions such as the US and UK. Factored payments ensure freelancers are paid on time while improving cash flow.

Improved payout time
Better cash flow
Both businesses and workers benefit


Leverage reporting capabilities directly in the platform on jobs, contracts & bills. Dive into insights on spend, fees, and hires. See audit trails on everything from signed agreements to invoices and payments.


Keep stakeholders informed with built-in reporting on jobs, contracts, and bills. Reporting can be made on custom time periods and automatically sent to whoever you’d like.

Built-in reporting
Automated emails
Complete visibility

Get real-time insights on spend, fees, and hires. Filter by source or job owner. Stay informed on progress from a single source of truth and drive better decision-making.

Real-time insights
Centralized view
Better decision-making

Easily access audit data like invoices, payments, and classification. The Worksome team also provides system training on a regular basis, to ensure you’re getting the most out of the system.

All your audit data in-tool
Easily accessible
Support from Worksome teams
Next generation of external workforce management tools

Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses
to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.