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A better way to hire talent

Save time and money on freelancer operations

Most companies are lacking an overview and structure for their freelance workforce. Worksome provides a centralised view of your global costs, automates compliant contracts and payments, and streamlines processes between HR, procurement, and finance.

Better talent

Upload your existing freelancers and start saving resources instantly

Finding talent to fit your needs through customizable tags ensures easy communication, better matching based on your project, and better visibility into each freelancer’s background and potential.

More insights

Gain more insights for better talent sourcing and hiring

Talent marketplaces are commonly used by hiring managers to source external talent, but there’s usually very little documented about temporary employees or their associated costs.

Worksome gives you a full view into each freelancer’s background, to help ensure you’re hiring the right person for each project.

See projects the freelancer has been involved in.

Read the reviews and ratings made by other companies.

See the availability of each freelancer before starting.

Check qualifications, resumé and work experience.

More flexibility

A workforce that effortlessly scales with your business

The global shift to talent flexibility and freelancing means bringing on the right talent for the right amount of time, instead of bringing on full time employees when they aren’t actually necessary.

Using freelancers enables you to easily scale up or down. Strategic improvements to your workforce today means you can stay competitive in the future —no matter what it looks like. An easily managed freelance workforce gives you both flexibility and stability to ensure your business is prepared for anything.

Next generation of external workforce management tools

Worksome is the only technology provider enabling businesses
to identify, classify, engage and payroll all their talent in a single tool.