Global compliance for all your contractors, instantly.

Worksome provides global compliance tools directly in the platform, ensuring you’re always in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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Worksome – Global Compliance for all your contractors, intantly.
Worksome – Global Compliance for all your contractors, intantly.

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Whether it’s IR35 in the UK, IC Compliance in the US, or any other local, state or countywide worker classification requirement, Worksome has it all figured out. Take the guess work out of deciphering ever-change laws and remove the risk of misclassification. We have a built-in compliance determination that is based by audit-proof indemnification.

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Classification anywhere, anytime

Worksome provides a built-in classification tool helping hiring managers classify workers instantaneously, no matter where they are located.

This helps you hire not only fast, but also more compliantly. We also indemnify misclassification cases so you can have peace of mind.

Global worker classification
Misclassification indemnification
Clear audit trail
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Misclassification indemnification

We offer misclassification indemnification as part of our classification tool, meaning we underwrite the associated costs* if any of our cases are challenged as misclassified.

This means we take on a limited liability for misclassifying workers if they have been classified using our tool*.

Reduce your risk
Global misclassification indemnification
A single compliance partner
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*Subject to Terms & Conditions.
Background checks that tick all the boxes

Worksome handles global background screening directly in the platform for all your workers with leading specialist partners, offering:

Proof of Identification
Education Verification
Right to Work check
Criminal Background Screen
Visa and Legal Age
Credit Check
Employment Verification
Additional custom checks if required
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Background check done
Classification done
Contract signed
Inside The Contract Hub

Simplify contracting with Worksome's integrated platform: classify workers for compliance, ensure tax and legal adherence, automate contracts, and streamline supplier management—all in one.

Tax & legal compliance
Automated contracts
Digital Signatures
Customs file creation
Document library maintenance