Obstacle-free Onboarding

No hoops to jump through, no stack of paperwork, just quick and concise onboarding. Managers get back to their tasks and new hires start sooner with Worksome’s contracting and onboarding automation.

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Get talent started in 3 days
From job creation, sourcing, and onboarding, to talent starting work
Onboard 530% faster
Companies spend 8 hours per contract, reduced to 1.5 per contract
Background checks

Pre-employment screenings

Worksome conducts extensive right-to-work, identification checks and background screenings to ensure the person you hired is the person showing up on day one.

Abiding by all applicable laws

All background checks are performed in strict accordance with relevant local, state and national laws and regulations. We are rule-followers in every way.

Customized for your company

We will amend our background check process to align with your internal company requirements to meet your specific needs.


It’s all about the experience

Not all onboarding processes are created equally. We care for your freelancers onboarding experience as if they are started with us - and we love our people.

We facilitate a streamlined onboarding process for a smooth transition from start to finish.

Our clients and their new workers receive guidance and support during the onboarding phase to provide a positive experience for both employers and new hires.

We need a little support sometimes too. Background checks and other screenings may be conducted using third-party service providers, ensuring a thorough and impartial assessment.

Contract facilitation

Contracting made easy

Automate Worksome contracts, use digital signatures, add custom files, and maintain a central document library for seamless worker contracts.

Standard or custom contracts

Use our standard contracts or upload your own. Easily attach additional required documents as needed.

Digital signatures

Contracts between you and your external workers can be signed digitally in Worksome, ensuring a smooth contracting process.

Supplier Management

Fair and transparent supplier relationships

Enhance supplier management with Worksome: monitor agency fees, manage ownership periods for external workers, ensuring fairness for both parties.

See it all

Get full visibility of the staffing agencies you work with and their fees, while managing ownership periods of external workers accordingly.

Easily manage ownership

Understand exactly when you can remove ownership periods to liaise directly with external talent, so it’s a fair arrangement for both you and your staffing agencies.