Classify With Confidence

Swiftly and compliantly classify new hires with Worksome's integrated solution, offering unmatched speed and misclassification protection. Our one-of-a-kind, built-in solution is the fastest way to classify workers.

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Classify Instantly

Worker Classification in
less than 3 minutes

Average time it takes users to classify new workers in Worksome

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Global Worker Classification

Fast & Compliant Worker Classification

Streamline global worker classification for quick, compliant hiring and protection against misclassification risks. Finally have peace of mind when bringing on new talent.

Classification, anywhere in the world
Customized for local, state, and country requirements
Audit preparedness
Built-In Classification

End-to-end Classification, All in One Place

Our integrated worker classification tool categorizes workers globally, facilitating fast and compliant hiring.

Efficient and fast hiring
Adherence to regulations
An automated and consolidated process
Misclassification indemnification

Worksome's Liability Coverage

Worksome provides misclassification indemnification, covering associated costs if challenges arise from classifications made using our tool, offering limited liability for misclassifying workers.

Cost coverage in case of misclassification challenges
Compliance assurance for and indemnification for misclassified worker cases
Risk mitigation for work misclassification
Worksome's Liability Coverage
Worksome – Precision in Paperwork
Auto-populated Contract details

Precision in Paperwork

Streamline contract creation by automatically inserting personalized details, including classification and tax information.

No more manual errors
Compliance details saved for future reference
Perfectly accurate categorization and tax info