Trusted contacts

Invite your black book of external workers onto Worksome as ‘Trusted contacts’, so you can easily find, contract, and pay them in one tool. When you add external workers as ‘Trusted contacts’ they will get an invite to Worksome, and when they join you can communicate with them directly in our tool.

Staffing agency collaboration

Collaborate with your staffing agencies directly in Worksome by sharing job briefs and receiving candidates from staffing agencies in Worksome. With Worksome the ownership period between you and the staffing agnecy is managed automatically, making your collaboration fast and transparent.


Communicate with all your workers and staffing agencies directly in Worksome for full visibility and seamless communication. Keep all your chats, job offers, bids on rates, and contracts in one place, so that you and your colleagues can streamline and speed up hiring processes.

Background checks

Verify identity, workers' rights, criminal records, credit checks, or whatever custom checks you need. All of the checks are embedded directly in the workflow of the platform, so you’ll never need to leave the system to perform the background checks.

1-click invite & hire

When you want to hire external talent who’s not yet on the Worksome platform, it’s as easy as using the ‘invite & hire’ feature which enables you to do both in one single click.


Use filters to easily find the right talent for your project, instead of scrolling through hundreds of roles.


Shortlist workers for your job posts. When you have a couple of candidates for your project but you’re not sure who’s available, you can shortlist potential candidates for the job so they can be found easily if and when needed.


Add custom tags to your 'Trusted contacts' so you can organize your external talent pool however makes sense for you. This makes it easier to find the worker you’re looking for when you have a new project.


Worker classification

Classify workers within the tool in minutes to ensure full compliance. Worker classification is embedded in our contracting process, which makes it simple for you and the worker to sort out the classification. No need for outside counsel or 3rd party support. For Enterprise customers, we indemnify misclassification cases* so you don’t have to worry about risk.
*Subject to terms & conditions

Tax & legal compliance

We provide enterprise-grade tax and legal compliance for your global external workforce.
- Worksome pays external workers gross globally (excl. blocklisted countries)
- Worksome payrolls in the UK and US
- Worksome offers EoR services in the UK

Automated contracts

Automated contract creation for every hire. You can use standardized Worksome contracts or add your own legal-approved contracts to the platform. Add any additional documents you might need and attach them easily to a contract.

Digital signatures

Contracts between you and your external workers can be signed digitally in Worksome, ensuring a smooth contracting process.

Custom files

Add custom files like NDAs, data policies, IP deeds, and other documentation to your contracts.

Document library

Keep all your contractual documents in Worksome to easily attach them for various contracts. You can add all the documents to your Worksome account for easy access and distribution when you contract your workers.

Supplier management

Get full visibility of the staffing agencies you work with and their fees, while managing ownership periods of external workers accordingly. Understand exactly when you can remove ownership periods to liaise directly with external talent, so it’s a fair arrangement for both you and your staffing agencies.



Worksome guarantees that your external talent gets paid within a set timeframe (0-45 days) while your organization can pay Worksome later (30-60 days)*. This provides a better experience for your workers and is beneficial to your cash flow.
*Subject to terms & conditions

Batch invoicing

Your Finance team receives a single batch of invoices on a weekly basis that can be managed and paid at once instead of having to go through an abundance of separate invoices. Simply put, a single invoice for you to pay weekly, with all the necessary details needed for reconciliation.


Workers can fill in their timesheets in the context of billing you. This way you can see the hours they’ve worked directly on the bill and easily pay out according to the hours worked.

PO numbers

Attach PO numbers to your contracts to ensure smooth reconciliation, and ensure a common reference point for your projects.

Invoice management

Manage and track all invoices. Filter by approval status, due date, PO number status, staffing agencies, and job owners.

PAYE / Payroll (Incl. EoR services)

Worksome payrolls external workers in the US and the UK, and offers Employer of Record services for all permanent worker agreements in the US and UK.*
*We're continuously expanding our offerings to more countries

Gross payments

Worksome pays external workers gross globally (excl. blocklisted countries).


Real-time insights

Track your freelance spend, staffing agency fees and hiring history directly in the platform. Get the ability to optimize accordingly based on the insights provided to you by the tool.


Export data on jobs, contract and bills from user-defined time periods. Keep all stakeholders easily informed on progress and the current situation concerning the contingent workforce.

Client API

Customers can pull data from Worksome into their own system using the Worksome Client API. That means a customer can see data from the Worksome platform directly in their own software if they’ve enabled this.