Ray Walker

VP, Contingent Workforce Management at Worksome

Ray Walker is a seasoned expert with over twenty years of experience in providing innovative classification, payroll, and immigration solutions within the global contingent workforce industry. Throughout his illustrious career, Ray has navigated complex regulatory landscapes, enabling multinational companies to optimize their workforce strategies effectively. His expertise extends to developing compliance frameworks that adapt to the dynamic global market, ensuring seamless integration of talent across borders. Ray’s strategic insights have not only mitigated risks but have also propelled operational efficiencies, making him a pivotal figure in the evolution of workforce management. Ray is highly regarded for his ability to forecast industry trends, thanks to his hands-on experience with various high-stakes projects. His analytical acumen and thought leadership have led him to be a sought-after commentator and contributor in the field. His articles and presentations are well-received for their practical advice and forward-thinking strategies. As a committed advocate for ethical labor practices, Ray also dedicates part of his time to advising startups and non-profits on sustainable workforce solutions. His contributions are often highlighted in industry panels and workshops, where he encourages dialogue on maintaining balance between innovation and worker rights. With Ray’s comprehensive experience and proven track record, he is a voice worth listening to for anyone looking to understand the intricacies and opportunities within the contingent workforce sector.