The Agency List: Best Places for Freelancers to Work

The most successful companies of tomorrow have a culture that is driven and shaped by employees from the ground up. We've rounded up the agencies giving freelancers the best experience.

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About The Agency List

The world of work is changing, accelerated by gen Z and the pandemic. Today, employees expect more flexibility and autonomy - supported by human connection and collaboration. There is a shift away from the traditional 9-5, with the freelance community growing exponentially. The agency world needs to adapt. Those agencies that see the value in having an agile workforce, supported in large part by a freelance community, have an edge when it comes to resourcing, and are well positioned to win in the war for talent.

At Worksome, we want to celebrate the agencies offering freelancers a great experience - and facilitate better connections between agencies and freelancers.

The winners

The following agencies are the best in the industry for flexible work, broken out the different categories that make them so desirable of a workplace for freelancers. They were chosen based on how they are utilizing freelancers as a core part of their workforce and the flexible, human-first experience they provide to these freelancers.

Without further ado we are proud to present The Best Places for Freelancers to Work: The Agency List 2022 by Worksome.


Best for Freelance Creatives, Advertising and Marketing Managers 

Affluence is a digital agency creating and curating media for luxury brands, leveraging influencers and brand NFT drops. Rooted in the belief that the best creative talent is independent, the Atfluence agency works predominantly with freelance talent. Atfluence’s freelancers are supported with the tools they need to be both happy and collaborative as a team - but are also afforded the flexibility to work how, when and where best suits them. This fosters a highly creative and productive environment. Atfluence values talent, communication, and potential in the freelancers they hire - and celebrate difference as something special. In their own words: “The best creative work can come from the least expected packaging”

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CXD Studios

Best for Freelance Content Creators (Writers and designers)

CXD Studios is a Content Marketing agency creating beautifully designed experiences to help grow brands like Owl labs and HubSpot. CXD Studio is made up entirely of freelancers. That’s right, they’re the core of the operation.  Rooted in an asynchronous approach to work, freelancers can work when and where they want as long as they meet deadlines. They’re enabled by communication and collaboration tools to stay connected across time zones and projects and ensure that even though they’re individually working however is best for them, they’re still always able to work together effectively

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Best for Freelance Engineers

Giganeer is the UK's leading cloud-based Freelance Engineering Community, with on-demand qualified engineers. Giganeer is primarily made up of freelance engineers, all of whom are important to the business and its clients. Freelancers who work at Giganeer are hired for their engineering experience, and they have autonomy to make decisions themselves and the flexibility to work as often as they want, from anywhere.

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Hugo & Cat

Best for Freelance Creatives and Project Managers (Design, Copywriting, Strategy, Development, QA, Content, Project Management, Product Ownership, Scrum Masters)

Hugo & Cat is an Experience Design Agency creating digital products and experiences that give businesses a competitive edge. By putting customers at the heart of decision making, we move fast, unlock value and fuel sustainable growth. At Hugo & Cat freelancers make up nearly half of the company, making them very important for how the business operates. That’s because Hugo & Cat sees such value in their freelancers and the work they produce. Freelancers can work remotely from anywhere and have full flexibility with how they structure their days, so that they can work however is best for them.

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Launch Mappers

Best for Freelance Digital Marketers working in PPC, Affiliate Marketing and Analytics

Launch mappers is a digital performance agency servicing its clients with on-demand growth teams working across Europe. At Launch Mappers, freelancers are crucial to the business, and regularly involved in projects. When they join Launch Mappers they can expect flexibility and autonomy - the ability to work from anywhere in Europe and choose their own hours. The focus is always on output vs. input. They’re provided with quality briefs every time, and the tools of their choice to enable their success from day one.

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Best for Freelance Creatives

Oliver’s unique agency approach makes them the first and only company to design, build and run bespoke in-house agencies and ecosystems for brands. They create work that delivers business growth, fame and purpose for clients across the globe. Oliver’s freelance workforce is a core part of how the agency operates, offering on-demand and flexible access to talent. They use freelance talent across the businesses, and see them as a fundamental part of making their business run. Oliver highly values their freelance workforce as pivotal to driving innovation and giving them a competitive edge in the market. Freelancers at Oliver are located across the globe, and have the flexibility to work how it best suits them individually.

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Best for Freelance Creatives (Design, video, animation, photography, motion)

Picaroons is a content creation agency partnering with the best creatives around to create content to make audiences look, stare, care and share. The majority of the creative talent at Picaroons are freelancers, and they wouldn’t be able to deliver for their clients without them. The agency works on a trust based model - allowing freelancers to work when, from where and however they choose. This is further supported by project based billing, (as opposed to hourly) to enable more flexibility and higher quality work.

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Right Side Up

Best for Freelance Growth Marketers (SEO, CRO, lifecycle, analytics, and other paid channels)

Right Side Up is remote first growth marketing consultancy, a collective of premium marketing talent trusted by the most respected early-stage ventures, the fastest growing tech companies, and well-established Fortune 500 teams to do one thing better: growth. Right side up works with hundreds of freelancers globally and has always been a completely remote company with a flexible work culture, encouraging their freelancers to choose when and where they work—whether it's in a home office, a coworking space, or on the road from an RV.  A high degree of autonomy is encouraged across the business, with freelancers taking on the client projects they’re specifically interested in, and choosing how much they want to work. RSU is also happy to work with moonlighting side hustlers as well as full-time freelancers. They’re flexible on type because they only care about finding the best talent and love connecting them with the projects and challenges that light them up the most.

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TPX Impact

Best for Product Freelancers (Designers, User Researchers, Development, Delivery, and Infrastructure specialists)

TPXImpact is a full service agency delivering impactful, sustainable digital outcomes that make a positive difference to how individuals and society experience the world. TPX uses hundreds of freelancers across the business to deliver meaningful projects. Freelancers can always expect autonomy and they have the ability to work flexibly. With a policy rooted in trust, TPX freelancers are empowered to work where and when that suits them individually and are given the trust to take off any time needed for personal reasons, without questions or approvals.

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TRGT Digital

Best for Freelance Campaign Managers (Digital Performance)

TRGT is a digital performance agency delivering market-leading performance campaigns on Paid Search and Paid Social to clients globally. At TRGT Digital freelancers make up a significant portion of the workforce. And, with a remote first culture, freelancers can work when and from wherever they want. This allows them to be flexible with how they structure their days, and they always have the freedom to do other things during the day as needed. Team members are based in 15+ countries, and many of them regularly travel and work at the same time, taking advantage of that flexibility to lead lives that are more enriching to them, both on a personal and professional level.

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