Workforce Insights & Reporting

Performance Insights with Worksome

Elevate your workforce strategy with Worksome, where omni-channel reporting, precise fee tracking, and detailed cost overviews converge. Gain unparalleled visibility and control of your workforce, spending and budgeting.

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View your whole workforce

Dynamic Dashboard for All Your Data Needs

Worksome provides in platform dashboards at a user, agency, group and network level to provide full visibility of your workforce.

Agency Contracts Dashboard providing real time information on live engagements

Group view on spend, channels and individual agencies

Easily identify trends and behaviors

Fee tracking

Get The Full Scoop on Your Spend

Instantly access comprehensive views of spend and fees, allowing you to analyze data based on location, role, hours worked, worker type, and more

Cost overviews by Channel

Channel Cost Insights

Gain clarity into your spending across different channels with Worksome's comprehensive cost overviews. Easily track and analyze expenses by channel to make informed decisions and optimize your budget allocation for maximum efficiency and ROI.