Agency of Record & Employer of Record

AOR & EOR At Your Service

Worksome will provide AOR (Agent of Record) services globally, can act as your EOR (Employer of Record) in certain geographies or work with a designated external EOR provider.

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Compliance Risk Avoidance

Protecting Your Company
From Employment Risk

Our clients gain access to Worksome’s comprehensive AOR services on a global scale, serves as your EOR in specific regions, or collaborates seamlessly with an external EOR provider of your choice.

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hire without compliance risk

Engage With Talent, Globally & Compliantly

Worksome can work with clients and engage freelancers in +150 countries, including local payroll and EOR services. This enables our clients to engage talent compliantly anywhere in the world.

AOR Payments to 150+ countries

Worksome EOR Services in UK & US

Network of Global EOR Partners

Contractor Benefits Programmes

Full Tax Reporting Services


Agent of Record

Elevate your workforce strategy with Worksome's AOR (Agent of Record) expertise. Streamline employment complexities as we navigate payroll, benefits, and compliance for your team. Experience efficiency and peace of mind with Worksome AOR services.


Employer of Record

Simplify global workforce management with Worksome's EOR expertise. We handle everything – from paying worldwide in local currencies to seamless onboarding, BAU support, and tax responsibilities for contractors.

Worksome efficiently manages U.S. overtime payments with a built-in calculator that adjusts rates based on worker location and contract type.