Navigating IR35: Strategies for Accessing Top Talent

June 29, 2023
2:30PM BST

Your hosts

Mark Coulsen
IR35 Expert
Casey McElroy
Global Director of Brand & Comms

“Companies willing to adapt and work with IC’s correctly and compliantly will create a competitive advantage and sweep up the best talent, leaving competitors looking over their shoulder with envious eyes”

Join IR35 expert, Mark Coulsen, with nearly 3 decades of procurement experience, providing consultancy for some of the largest companies in the world and most recently helping them navigate the challenges associated with IR35.

You'll learn:

Why IR35 is the biggest challenge for companies today and how to overcome it
How successfully navigating IR35 can help you attract the best freelance talent
How an automated approach to compliance and payments will improve your access to talent and help you achieve a global talent pool of the best freelancers.
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