Welcome to the Worksome Product Innovation Series.

We will use this series as an opportunity to highlight the innovations we’re making in the contingent workforce space that empower enterprise companies to access global talent with ease. You’ll hear from Worksome executive and product leadership, as well as from industry speakers who will give their candid take on new developments and how they see them fitting in.

Our first installment of the series highlights major updates to the Worksome platform including:

  • Opening remarks from Morten Petersen, CEO & Co-Founder, Worksome
  • Product innovation by Gunes Italiaander, VP of Product, Worksome
  • Industry insight by David Ballew, Founder & CEO, Nimble Global

What you can expect

How to unlock your direct sourcing channel through talent pooling and skills management
How to enable your team to efficiently work with staffing vendors to source talent
How to leverage global independent contractor compliance tools, with a focus on current US & UK regulation