A recent study by Fast Company found that 74% of people find freelancing to be more appealing than ever. This way of working has seen a lot of growth due to the instability caused by the economic downturn and mass layoffs. Now, with many workers opting against full time and permanent roles, we see a rise in the external workforce. It's paramount that companies understand how to navigate this shift and leverage their external workforce layer thoughtfully. 

In the latest episode of Workforces 3.0, we are joined by workforce strategy and talent acquisition expert, Monique Aguirre, who brings extensive experience from her time at Meta, Tesla and the San Francisco 49ers. We discuss her take on the current hiring market, what companies could do better when engaging with freelancers, and the trends shaping the future of the contingent workforce.

What you can expect

Why an external workforce layer is pivotal - and increasingly so for industries like manufacturing and tech
How to strengthen your employer brand to build and retain the best external talent pool
The best-case future outlook for companies and workers, what the role of the freelance workforce will be and advice on how to achieve it