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The first worker classification solution in the U.S. that allows businesses to identify, classify, engage and pay freelancers from one integrated platform

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100% compliance
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“I appreciate how receptive Worksome has been to our needs since our circumstances don't often apply to the larger market”

Matt McLaughlin, Head of Resourcing - North America, Oliver Agency

Worksome is helping U.S. companies take control

Worksome Classify automates the worker classification process so your company can continue to work with independent contractors and employees on a fully-compliant basis.

Minimize risk

Classify correctly, every time. Worksome stands behind its recommendation and indemnifies the risks (subject to terms & conditions).

Reduced Time to Hire

Our product allows you to identify, engage and determine the classification of your workers in the same workflow, so you can operate faster with less manual work.

Lower cost

Bringing the classification into a single system removes the back and forth with 3rd party advisors, making the process easier and more cost-effective

The complete classification overview

Worksome Classify is currently the fastest and most reliable end-to-end solution on the market.

IR 35
3rd Party
Traditional MSP
Live data
Team collaboration
Accessible Audit Trail
Live real-time support
3rd party supplier management
Integrated with Workflow
Talent pooling in one place
Source direct talent
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Independent contractor or employee?

Worksome will help you classify each and every one of your workers, employees, or independent contractors. With Worksome Classify you can always be confident that you're compliant with regulations around worker classification.
This is an aside box with informational text describing how an art director might need an independent contractor. It also shows how a copywriter specializing in machine learning in the FinTech industry is a viable freelancer, which can be found on the Worksome platform. The last example describes a project manager needed on a 5-week project for a well-known pharmaceutical brand.
This is a sample independent contractor aside, showing an iOS Developer freelancer profile on the Worksome platform.

Reducing risk with Worksome

Worksome Classify significantly reduces the risk of hefty fines and penalties so that your teams can be confident that they're hiring compliantly.

Worksome stands behind our classification process and will indemnify our clients for taxes, interest, and penalties (see our Terms of Use for details.)

Saving you time

Traditionally, worker classification means lots of paperwork, tasks, and time. Our platform centralizes your entire contingent workforce and gives you confidence that you'll remain compliant, even as worker classification laws evolve in the U.S.

Build your compliant workforce today

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