Everything you need to know about IR35

Worried or confused about IR35? Look no further.

February 11, 2021

Worried or confused about IR35? Look no further. Worksome's Compliance Director, Ray Walker, teamed up with Doyle Clayton's law firm to give you all the information you need to know about the upcoming reforms as well as key insights into the best way forward.

The webinar focuses on three key areas:

1:28​ An expert look at the upcoming reforms and how HMRC is likely to enforce the new tax law and deal with non-compliance.

15:42​ How to carry out an IR35 compliance programme - step by step walk through. We will help you to understand which contractors are caught, provide guidance on how to identify and resolve any issues with your contractor systems and documentation and give practical examples of how to perform and record status determination assessments.

26:58​ Tech solutions that can help to make your IR35 compliance process more time and cost efficient. After you have done a deep dive on your current operations and resolved issues before April 2021, we will show how technology can help with your new “business as usual” approach to contractor onboarding and compliance for the long term.

Questions about IR35 compliance? Email our Director of Compliance, Ray Walker

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