Introducing Recruiter Collaboration: more effective communication with your recruiters

Recruiter communication, simplified

March 7, 2024

Worksome simplifies external workforce management by giving you one central tool for all of your various teams — finance, HR, procurement, legal, and operations — to manage their various portions of freelance management in the same place. It minimizes back and forth around your external workforce by putting everyone in one tool, so they always have access to the same up-to-date information. 

For some of our customers, it makes their lives so much easier that they wish they could manage all of their relationships and vendors inside the platform. Managing recruiter communication outside of the platform became a new pain for them. 

That’s why we’ve added a new feature, Recruiter Collaboration, to Worksome. An easier way to work more efficiently with your recruiters, reduce admin, and enable them to continue finding top talent for your business. 

Smarter communication 

When you’re working with an external recruiter, there’s a lot of back and forth. To find the right talent for you, the recruiters need to understand your needs perfectly to be able to successfully source your candidates. This requires a lot of communication. When communication is done through different channels — calls, emails, etc —  you end up spending time searching through threads when you’re looking for a specific piece of information, or following backup to make sure everyone is aligned

With Recruiter Collaboration, all communication around each hire is done in the system. And each piece of relevant information for that job is held in the system as well. This eliminates a lot of the back and forth with your recruiters. No more time searching through past conversations looking for information and no more time wasted on alignment since everyone is already working off of the same up-to-date information. You’re on the same page as your recruiter from the minute a new job post is created. 

Faster contractor onboarding

This ends up speeding onboarding considerably because you’re removing the unnecessary communication and alignment that slows hiring and onboarding down. This gives both your internal teams and your recruiters a more integrated experience that works more efficiently, for everyone. And quicker onboarding isn’t just good for your internal teams or recruiters, it’s also great for your external workers. Eliminating inefficiencies in hiring and onboarding lets everyone involved focus on the work that they actually want to do, instead of the tedious admin and busywork around bringing on each new contractor. 

More visibility and better management

Managing your recruiter communication in one tool doesn’t just eliminate the unnecessary back and forth, it also gives you much better visibility into your hiring process. This makes it more transparent and efficient for your internal teams and your recruiters. And it gives your HR teams to focus on more strategic work around resourcing, instead of being bogged down by back and forth with recruiters or admin around filling each specific role. They’re able to look at what future resourcing needs might be and trust that their recruiters have the information they need to find the right candidates for your organization. 

Removing the friction between you and your recruiters

With access to better shared information, we all can save time on unnecessary alignment. If Worksome has helped you see time savings in other areas of external workforce management, it’s probably time to get started with Recruiter Collaboration and start seeing time savings there as well. Your HR teams and recruiters will thank you. And even though they may not know why onboarding was so much easier this time, your freelancers will be able to get started on their work more quickly as well. If you’re an existing customer, talk to your CSM today to get started with Recruiter Collaboration.