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Build Your Dream Team

Access a wide range of talent from different sources and easily manage them all in one platform. Centralize and build your company's talent network and referral base to find the perfect candidates for your open positions.

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3 Days
Time to productivity

Start productive collaboration in 3 days with Worksome – from talent discovery to the candidate's first day on the job.

2 Days
Time to hire

Rapid hiring with Worksome — our average time from posting a job to selecting the ideal candidate is just 2 days.

External Workforce Management

Managing your freelance
workforce in a private
talent pool

With Talent Pooling, you can easily access a wide range of qualified candidates from different sources, all in one convenient platform.

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Access Talent
Access a vast amount of specialized talent to hire quickly and compliantly
Omni-channel sourcing
Easily hire talent from every channel
Private Talent Pooling
Stop rehiring the same talent from your staffing agencies, start building your private talent pool
Proactive sourcing

Find the perfect match

Stop waiting for candidates to come to you. With Talent Pooling, take control of your recruitment process and proactively find the best fit for your team.

Where skills, speed and success come together

With automated skill matching, your ideal candidates are pushed to the top of the list. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to your new workforce.

Worksome – Referral Strategy
referral strategy

Tap into your organisation's existing network through talent pool referrals

Your employees are your greatest asset when it comes to finding top talent.

Let employee networks do the sourcing

With our sourcing strategy bolstered by employee referrals, you can leverage into their networks and build a talent pool of  qualified candidates that already know your company.

Always-On Applications

Always Be Recruiting

Passive recruiting, the cornerstone of round-the-clock talent sourcing, allows you to proactively build relationships with potential candidates.

New Candidates Welcome

Promote your talent pool seamlessly by extending invitations through email signatures, social media channels, and in-person applications, ensuring a steady influx of high-quality professionals.

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Worksome – Passive Talent Pooling
All the talent you need, at your fingertips.
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