Talent Strategies & IR35: Trends and Insights

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At our recent Talent Strategies & IR35 Executive Breakfast Briefing, we asked our panelists and attendees for their 2024 talent trend insights and predictions. Here's what they said:

Remote Work Impact: Freelancers on the Rise, AI's Uncertain Role

Olivia Woodhead suggests that the increase in remote work will lead to a rise in freelancers, impacting permanent roles. The role of AI in the advertising industry remains uncertain, but the use of freelancers will always remain.

Education and Embracing Freelancers Compliantly

Colin McDonagh emphasises the need for education to leverage all available workers, shifting focus from potential negatives to positive impacts of engaging freelancers compliantly.

Total Talent Dominance and The Continuing Shift in Workforce Structure

Ray Culver predicts that the trend towards total talent will persist, considering full-time, contingent, traditional contractor, and freelance roles. Alignment with total talent will increase.

Talent Challenges Persist and Navigating an Open Talent Model

Dan de Lord foresees ongoing challenges in securing the right talent with the right skills. Organisations need tools for an open talent model, engaging both internal and external talent strategically.

Tax Changes and Compliance

Ray Walker shares insights on the tax changes in April and how the new offset rile will reduce the risk of classification for personal service companies by about 70%, influencing compliance leaders' risk profiles and decisions on engaging freelancers.

Legislation's Impact on Freelance Talent Acquisition

Fiona Coombe suggests global workforce challenges will intensify the war for talent. Increasing legislation, especially from Europe, on AI and digital platforms will complicate talent acquisition, particularly for freelancers and contractors.

The Seismic Restructuring of Work

Sam Orrin thinks the shift to remote work is permanent, leading companies to reassess contractors. The importance of engaging and working compliantly with freelance communities is growing rapidly.

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