Roundtable Recap: Perspectives from HR and Talent Leaders

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At our Talent Strategies & IR35 event, industry leaders converged for insightful roundtable discussions addressing the challenges posed by the UK's IR35 reforms. The focus was on empowering HR, Finance, and Talent Acquisition professionals with practical strategies for navigating talent-sourcing challenges while ensuring compliance.

Strategic Talent Acquisition Amidst IR35 Uncertainties Roundtable

Industry leaders participated in a strategic dialogue during the HR roundtable, delving into innovative approaches for proactive talent sourcing under IR35. Conversations spanned the delicate balance between contractor engagement flexibility and compliance, the maintenance of talent quality, and transparent communication to address the impact on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Optimising Cost Savings and Audit Preparedness Roundtable

Procurement and Finance leaders collaborated, focusing on optimizing cost savings and strengthening audit preparedness within the IR35 landscape. Strategies discussed included identifying opportunities for savings in contractor engagement, evaluating budgetary impacts, and establishing robust documentation practices. The roundtable emphasised the importance of improving communication and cross-functional strategies between Procurement and Finance teams to enhance compliance.

Back Office Efficiency and Compliance Roundtable

The roundtable on collaborating with staffing agencies aimed at optimising back-office efficiency and ensuring compliance in talent acquisition. Topics encompassed streamlining administrative tasks, leveraging technology, navigating compliance amidst regulatory changes, and proactively building talent pipelines.

Insights from the hosts

Our roundtable facilitators highlighted varying preparedness levels among companies, with larger enterprises demonstrating a better handle on IR35 compared to smaller companies. A notable concern was the lack of understanding on engaging with people on a project basis, leading to fears of IR35 penalties.

In conclusion, the roundtables provided actionable insights for navigating IR35 challenges, emphasising collaboration, compliance, and strategic talent acquisition in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

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