Why companies are choosing Worksome

With built-in worker classification and misclassification indemnity protection, Worksome provides unparalleled reliability, making it the preferred choice over Worksuite.

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Built for the modern workforce

Turbocharged Talent Management

Worksome's streamlined solution beats competitors by offering centralized external talent management, faster. Instantly classify, contract, and pay independent contractors worldwide.

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Worksome vs.

A single, end-to-end platform for classifying, contracting, and paying independent contractors.
FMS with modular add on capabilities for contractor classification and payments
Proprietary built-in instant worker classification supported by in-house legal and compliance teams
Indemnification Protection
Enterprise clients receive full misclassification indemnity protection
Talent Channel Management
Engage your favorite staffing agencies, recruiters and other partners via job broadcasting
Payments, Payroll & Security
Seamless global payments, payroll X+ countries and secure confirmation of worker banking details against Limited Company names
Easy Integrations with open API
All your talent in one place

Robust Talent Pool Management

No matter how you source independent contractors, Worksome makes it easier. Use the Worksome platform to build and curate your talent pool, whether you source workers from your internal network, specialized marketplaces, staffing agencies, or job boards. And when you’re ready to hire, you can use the platform to:

Search worker profiles
Filter by parameters such as experience, skills and availability
Communicate internally and with contractors using in-platform messaging
Hire, contract and classify in minutes
Built-in compliance, backed by legal experts

Global independent contractor compliance

In-platform compliance with Worksome ensures immediate contractor onboarding, eliminating delays associated with outsourcing.

No outsourcing, just instant results

Our built-in worker classification, supported by legal and compliance expertise, guarantees reliability.

An extra layer of protection

Our misclassification indemnity protection provides added assurance for every enterprise client.

Your end-to-end freelance operating system

External workforce management should be as productive as every other part of your business, not weighed down by delays that cost you time and money.

With Worksome, you can hire and onboard contractors at scale, ensuring compliance, seamless talent pool management, and speed.

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