Lack of visibility into unmanaged spend is exposing your business to IR35 misclassification risk. 

Typically 20% of contingent spend falls outside of the core program, often not managed in a VMS due to the type of talent being hired. If parts of your organization use freelancers, creatives, influencers, consultants, trainers, alumni networks or short term gig workers, then there is a chance they are being hired and classified outside of the parameters of your program, leaving you vulnerable to risk!

Our VP of Contingent Workforce Solutions, James Nicholls and Compliance Director (and IR35 expert) Ray Walker share real cases to demonstrate how Worksome is helping some of the UK’s leading companies identify uncontrolled spend and instantly classifying all workers in-tool to control their entire misclassification risks.

What you can expect

How classifications made outside program parameters could result in potential fines and a PR nightmare
Why an end-to-end IR35 solution rather than a classification tool is the solution to unmanaged spend visibility, classification and payments
How a leading British fashion PLC avoided misclassification risk when making over 500 IR35 classifications, saving £280,000 in the process