“When introducing the reforms in 2021, HMRC forecasted that 2/3 of contractors would remain compliantly outside IR35 for their clients. The problem is, companies don’t understand how to apply the legislation correctly. IR35 is very solvable, adapt and you’ll create a competitive advantage, sweeping up the best talent, leaving competitors looking over their shoulder with envious eyes”

Two years on, IR35 is still misunderstood by companies and continues to spread unnecessary fear. In reality, IR35 offers companies an excellent opportunity to create cost savings and gain a competitive advantage when approached correctly.

In the latest episode of our Workforces 3.0 Series, we are joined by IR35 Procurement expert, Mark Coulson, who has solved IR35 for many FTSE100 companies and will share his unique insights into how you can embrace IR35 to attract the best external talent.

What you can expect

Why IR35 is simpler than you realise and how you can reduce the confusion
How to engage outside IR35 and make your operating model more flexible for today's workforce
How to uncover cost savings by managing IR35 effectively and efficiently