Introducing: Talent Sourcing and IC Compliance, in one platform

Learn how a centralized solution for managing all external workers, globally, can benefit your business.

June 19, 2024

In response to the rising need for streamlined and legally compliant sourcing and payment processes for the external workforce, Worksome is introducing a revolutionary offering: direct sourcing and global independent contractor compliance - all in one platform.

Today, companies require a faster and simpler way to access talent - but are also facing compliance challenges due to complicated local and global regulations and laws. That’s why we’ve evolved our product and added new features - providing our customers with a robust and comprehensive yet flexible way to build their teams, without risk.

A new approach to direct sourcing 

The shift towards leveraging the contingent workforce more readily means finding the right talent to support business needs is an imperative - yet it’s not without its own challenges. Companies have limited visibility and insufficient insight about their external workforce - and need a better way to improve efficiency, cost saving and access to in-demand skill sets.  So, it’s not surprising to see the popularity of direct sourcing growing in the industry. 

With Worksome’s recent expansion into direct sourcing, our clients can now manage their external workforce in one place: including talent from their personal network, recruiters, staffing vendors, and specialized marketplaces. 

Worksome’s comprehensive and flexible approach to direct sourcing allows companies to maintain control and visibility over their entire external talent pool. And with new robust search functionality, finding and hiring the right person in one-click is finally a reality - saving time and positively impacting the bottom line. 

Compliant IC hiring - everywhere

Compliance is also top of mind for any business working with external talent - due to the complexities associated with classification, for local and global hires. 

With the expansion of our compliance offering, Worksome now offers companies built-in workers classification for any external worker, to ensure they comply with local laws and regulations, everywhere. This new offering was built to tackle the compliance challenges associated with hiring and paying external talent across borders - providing our clients and their external workers less risk of misclassification and the associated penalties. Hire and pay anyone, anywhere - with peace of mind. 

Faster access to the global freelance workforce, with less risk

As of today, both existing and new Worksome clients can benefit from the convenience of our centralized platform to manage the entirety of their external workforce. If you're an existing customer, reach out to your CSM to get started. 

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