Transforming invoicing efficiency: How Worksome helped Carlsberg save time and streamline processes

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"It's really great that Worksome is quite flexible and made it possible to hire freelancers globally — that's a big value."
Saïda Tnatni
Category Manager of Indirect Procurement at Carlsberg

Carlsberg, a renowned brewing company, was challenged with managing the intricacies of a diverse contingent workforce. The talent mix, which included traditional hires, freelancers, and outsourced workers, presented a unique challenge for Saïda Tnatni, Category Manager of Indirect Procurement at Carlsberg. Seeking to enhance efficiency and transparency, Saïda turned to Worksome, a platform specializing in managing contingent work and all that comes with it. Transparency and visibility across the program emerged as the key priorities for us to solve along with streamlining processes and consolidating vendors.

Implementation and Early Success

The partnership with Worksome proved to be a catalyst for change. The initial contract marked the beginning of a three-year collaboration, during which Carlsberg experienced a paradigm shift in its workforce management. The platform brought forth tangible benefits like time savings and efficiency gains that were particularly evident in streamlined processes. This notably the reduced time and effort spent on vendor creation, invoicing, and payment approval.

Global Expansion - From Denmark to Beyond

What started as an implementation in a single team in Denmark quickly evolved into a global initiative. Worksome's flexibility allowed Carlsberg to extend its use across entities globally, and the platform seamlessly accommodated Carlsberg's international workforce, signaling a broader impact than initially anticipated.

Personalized Support at Your Service

Behind every successful implementation is a dedicated support system. Mette Bruun's role at Worksome proved instrumental. Saïda commended Mette for her professionalism, reactivity, and willingness to go above and beyond. Mette's proactive assistance in guiding, training, and managing the initial phase of the partnership played a crucial role in its success.

Challenges, Solutions and Planning for the Future

The Carlsberg-Worksome relationship showcases a successful transformation in workforce management, emphasizing efficiency, time savings, and transparency. The commitment to resolving issues, whether internal or external, underscored the strength of the partnership. The collaboration's success is attributed to Worksome's platform and personalized support, paving the way for future optimization and expansion.Ready to see similar results for your business? Click here to request a demo and learn more about how Worksome can help you manage your freelance workforce.

"By using Worksome, we have seen time savings and process efficiencies by outsourcing non-value tasks like invoicing and payment processing.”

- Saïda Tnatni, Category Manager of Indirect Procurement at Carlsberg