Access to great talent matters. Admin shouldn't.Was zählt ist deine Belegschaft, nicht der Papierkram

Fractional or freelance, contractor or consultant. Build a powerful external workforce with less admin, less risk, and a better experience for everyone.

Give your company a faster, more agile way to work with freelancers and contractors. Find, contract and pay your external workforce in one click, with 100% compliance.

"The value is us not having to do work, because you guys did it. It was understanding the different contract types, and so much more."
Jonjo, Head of Operations, That Lot Creative Agency

Worksome for enterprises

Easily connect external talent


Human resources





Human resources



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Give your company a better way to work with independent contractors. Hire your talent in full compliance with regulations in just a few hours with Worksome.

Which is why we’re developing an evolving collection of resources that connect Houston’s Stakeholders and the global tech and innovation community to further our city’s economic growth.

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What's the problem?

Companies are struggling with slow, annoying processes while working with freelancers and independent contractors. Today, innovative companies are using independent talent as a competitive edge, and are keeping the best workers around longer by providing a great experience.

“Now that it's centralized, we can look at what we're spending, where we're spending, and who we need to hire.

We can look at what the future of resourcing can be.”
Saved yearly on admin

How Worksome works

Worksome's platform gives you full access to highly-skilled freelancers and powerful tools to help you manage your contingent workforce with ease.


Access freelancers across all channels, whether your existing freelancer or new ones through recruiters or Worksome marketplace


Find and hire a freelancer within minutes by having full visibility into your contingent workforce and use automation to reduce admin


Ensure that all your freelancers, regardless of business setup, are paid compliantly and apply custom rules for standard contracts, require signed NDAs, PO numbers, etc.


Enable cross-team collaboration across Operation, HR, Finance, etc. by assigning the various stakeholders with the relevant roles

One solution for your entire external workforce

Freelancers, Tradespersons, GmbHs, etc... Working compliantly with different business entities can be a hassle - But it doesn't have to be!

Legal & insured

We make sure that you and your contractors are always working within the law, and we even add indemnity insurance to that.

Easy and quick billing

Automated contracts, billing, and payments speeds up your payments. No more chasing for missing info.


With all your info at one secure & accessible place, everything is where you need it to be.

Eine Lösung für deine gesamte externe Belegschaft

Freiberufler, Gewerbetreibende, GmbHs, etc... Gesetzeskonform mit verschiedenen Freelancer-Setups zusammenzuarbeiten kann zum Kraftakt werden - Aber das muss es nicht!

Gesetzeskonform & Versichert

Wir stellen sicher, dass du und eine freie Belegschaft immer im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen arbeiten. Außerdem sind all deine Freelancer über uns haftpflichtversichert.

Schnelle und einfache Rechnungsstellung

Automatisierte Verträge, Zahlungsanfragen und Rechnungstellung machen deine Auszahlungen zum Kinderspiel. Alle relevanten Infos sind an einem Ort einfach einsehbar.


Mit all deinen Infos an einem sicheren & für dich einfach zugänglichen Ort, ist alles genau da, wo du es brauchst.

End-to-End at its best!

Finden, Einstellen, Onboarden, Rechnung stellen, ausbezahlen - Alles was zum Freelancer-Management gehört auf einer Platform.

Everything you need to get ahead

Hire and pay faster

Onboarding can be a cumbersome process that delays getting freelance projects started. With Worksome, you can onboard in minutes so that they can get to work on the projects that dazzle your clients.

How to pay faster

Reduce operational costs

Get visibility and take control of the inefficient processes and costly resources spent on external workforce operations, across every team. They’ll thank you for it.

How to reduce costs

Reduce risk & remove liability

Remove risk for your entire company when hiring and paying external talent. Automate compliant contracts, payroll and processes. We pay talent in 150+ countries.

How to reduce risk

Improve candidate experience

Give your internal teams and external talent a better experience working together. Whether it’s streamlined communications, faster processes, or better visibility around contracts, compliance, payments and fees, it’s a win-win for everyone.

How to improve the experience

Working with external workers has never been so efficient and easy.

Manage your external workforce in one place and simplify coordination between HR, Operations, Finance, Legal, and Procurement.

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Work life balance is important at Worksome, helping companies get more out their employees through its' freelance management system and vendor management software

Access new talent






flat fee

If you're looking for talent outside of your own talent pool, you can access our marketplace of over 34,000 vetted, highly skilled freelancers. This way, we help at both ends of the equation! Matching high quality freelancers with high quality jobs, we ensure that you can fill your jobs faster, easily manage your contracts and invoices, and facilitate payments quicker. Say goodbye to admin work. We give freelancers and clients a better experience, so you can focus on the work you're passionate about.
Find a freelancer today

For freelancers

Find high quality work, easily manage contracts and invoices, and get paid faster.

Elevate your freelance career

Say goodbye to admin work, late payments, and unreliable clients. Worksome gives you a better freelance experience, so you can focus on the work you're passionate about.

Get paid 2x faster

Automated payments mean no more waiting around or chasing your clients to get paid. Get paid faster so that you can focus on doing the work you were actually hired to do.

Automated contracts, billing, and payments speeds up your payments

Always know exactly when you'll be paid

Never chase clients for payments again

4% flat fee

Many freelancer platforms charge a hefty rate to use them — we’re talking up to 20% of each contract. With Worksome you’ll never pay more than 4% of each contract. No more confusing prices to decipher and more money in your pocket.

Simple and easy to understand pricing

If you're invited into Worksome by your client you'll pay no fee on your contracts with them

Fully Compliant

Compliance can be confusing for freelancers. But Worksome handles compliance for you. This saves you the stress of wondering if you've gotten it wrong and makes things like tax season simple and easy to understand.

Compliance guaranteed

Always know where you stand in terms of tax codes

Want to find your dream job?

Find high quality work, easily manage contracts and invoices, and get paid faster.

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