The downturn is accelerating your program - are you ready?


plan to hire contractors to replace laid off talent


+33m from 2017

contractors in the U.S by 2028


+13% from 2022

of U.S. workforce will be contracting by 2027

“Worksome's technology is unique in that it provides an excellent experience, while at the same time allowing program managers to generate real savings and ensure program adoption.”
Bryan Peña, CCWP

As a result of the current economic climate, we’re seeing companies increasingly turn to contractors and freelancers to fill skill gaps, meet demand but also stay agile.

Today, having a strong external workforce strategy in place is paramount for companies to stay competitive, hire faster and retain top external talent.

Technology can enable companies to build innovative external workforce programs - with fast and compliant classification, streamlined and automated contracts & guaranteed on-time payments.

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Watch what Mickey Pelletier, contingent workforce expert behind Meta, Zillow, and Accenture's programs has to say.

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Today’s economic climate is forcing companies to create cost savings and increase efficiency in all aspects of their operations. Learn how we are helping some of the world’s leading companies optimize their external workforce programs.

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