The Future of Talent and Workforce Strategy


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Mickey Pelletier
Contingent Workforce Expert
Casey McElroy
[Host] Brand Director, Worksome

A majority of companies are planning to leverage the external workforce this year, as an answer to the skill shortage, the volatile economy and the continued growth of the contractor workforce, globally. 

Have you future-proofed your Contingent Workforce strategy?  Are you building one now?

Tune into our exclusive interview with Contingent Workforce expert Mickey Pelletier (former Meta, Zillow and Accenture). Find out more about how the workforce landscape is changing in 2023 - plus tips and advice for navigating, building and implementing a best-in-class External Workforce Strategy.

About Mickey Pelletier

Mickey Pelletier has spent the past 15 years in the Contingent Workforce Management space. He has a diverse background running and owning programs as a buyer while also having experience on the service provider side selling, designing, implementing, and running programs.  His most recent role was the CW strategy lead at Meta.  Prior to that, he was the head of Contingent Workforce at Zillow. While at Accenture, he consulted and advised global clients on leading CW practices.  He spent the first 8 years of his career with the largest MSP and VMS providers.  Currently, he is looking for his next role as he was part of the massive layoffs of 11,000 professionals at Meta. In the meantime he is doing freelance work providing Contingent Workforce consultation and advisory work to clients.  He has a passion for the industry and enjoys the chance to speak on all topics related to Contingent Workforce.

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