Worksome Freelance Survey UK 2021

Learn more about freelancer preferences and experiences in 2021

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Ishbel McCann

The 2021 Freelance Survey was created to shed light on the work preferences and experiences of self-employed freelancers over the past year. The way we work and hire was already changing rapidly, but the 2020 pandemic turned everything on its head.

Over the past few years more and more people have been opting out of traditional permanent employment in favour of more flexible options such as freelancing or self-employed consulting.

In 2020, the traditional freelancer lifestyle of remote-working became a requirement, as employees from around the world were required to work from home.

There's no doubt that the pandemic had an effect on freelance workers.

But just what kind of effect did it have?

Did freelancers benefit from their familiarity with remote working?

With businesses needing to reprioritise, how were freelancers affected in the process?

Now that more people have been exposed to the freelance lifestyle, has there been an increase in employees turning to freelancing as a permanent solution?

Worksome's Freelance Survey 2021 seeks to answer these questions and give some insight into what we can expect in the upcoming year.

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